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Phoenix Dawn & Midnight Phoenix
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Phoenix Dawn .......... A new dawn, a new day, a new world

This Phoenix Dawn website has closed - a new one will appear soon, I would guess. This site has a history linked with a guild seeking to be a social guild while also having a go at raiding. It always aimed to give experience of end-game raiding to people who would not otherwise have gained it - it was successful at that. At its heart it also valued people who could not raid and found place in its ranks for those of us who were not brilliant afficianados of the game or even very good at it. As in all places. the 'call' of raiding places pressures on guilds and PD has moved on and is seeking new avenues in WoD linked with its recent success. I wish it every success and happiness for the future - it has a solid history and is filled with good people - it will do well. I hope it will still provide a place for those who do not or are unable to raid.

Guild Announcements
The GSC Voice server is up and running - see the tab for details on how to access - add a new dimension to your gaming - or just use it to chat online with guild members It is not just for raids or dungeons - use if socially - or in whatver way u want - if u haven't got access yet - /w me with the name u have registered with GSC and I will add u to our server Dek